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Illuminating formula | Eyes Puffs and Bags

Illuminating formula | Eyes Puffs and Bags

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Thanks to the new FORMULA DETOX ILLUMINATOR - POCKETS AND CERNES, it is possible to fight this "cellular fatigue" and to change this tired and aged look. For this, there are three essential gestures
1. Relaxed Contour - Deep Restorative Action.
2. Light and Shine - Spectacular Illuminating Action
3. Bright look - Action lifting

The eye contour lives a global rejuvenation. As with the other TIMEXPERT SRNS products, the "stress capital" of the skin is enhanced by the combination of Zinc-Glycine Complex and RC Advanced. In addition, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid prevents the loss of water, protects the skin against external aggressions and fills lines and wrinkles. Improves product penetration, provides a feeling of relief and well-being, refreshes and helps reduce swelling activates microcirculation through modeling, reducing the bluish-greyish tone. CONTRAINDICATION allergy to mica. No perfume. Product tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control. Paraben Free.

Specific modeling movements have been designed. They are described in the prospectus.
1. Place a nut of product on each eyelid.
2. Perform various modeling exercises on the eye contour and the crow's feet.
3. Turn over the applicator and insist on each fine line.
4. Realize pressure points.
5. Finally, fully penetrate the cream with your fingertips.

Clean the applicator with a tissue after each use. A morning application is particularly recommended. Because of its immediate revitalizing action, the formula is ideal for "erasing" signs of fatigue and lack of sleep on any occasion.

Albizia Extract, Caffeine, Optical Diffusers, Pro-Liftin, Combination of Zinc-Glycine, Complex and Advanced RC, Milk Protein, High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Titanium Dioxide.